Services and Fees

MINIMUM FEE: Charges below are based on a full document. There is a $10.00 minimum fee for any service.

* NOTE: Revision review at no additional charge for up to 10 pages (e.g., if I suggest changes and you need me to look at certain sections again). After 10 pages or if major revisions are done, the standard charge will apply. Also, I’m very reasonable (and may adjust charges) if you need minimal editing.

** Charge for number of pages does NOT include introductory pages, such as title page or copyright statement.

Formatting and Editing – $3 per page

  • Formatting to APA 6th edition requirements
  • Formatting for title page, headings, subheadings, citations, referencing, abstract, tables, and figures
  • Editing for basic spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, readability, and organization
  • Reviewing in-text citations and references
  • Suggesting structural changes to enhance accuracy and presentation to improve consistency, clarity, and overall effectiveness
  • NOT including statistical analysis

Formatting of Table(s)

  • If a table needs to be totally formatted for the paper, the cost is $5-$25 per table, depending on complexity. I will provide estimates upon request.

Articles for Submission

  • I will check for submission requirements for additional $5-$10.

Reference Check

  • Basic reference check is included; however, if you’d like your references checked with the original documents, there may be an additional charge of $5-$10.

Professional Resume Writing

  • Professional resume=$100

Other Services

  • Send request to obtain pricing.