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Product Description

This is a comprehensive service for editing undergraduate level papers. By default the editing will be done by APA guidelines unless otherwise stated in the project submission information.


What should you do to submit your work?

  • Once the order is completed submit the document and your reference list via the after-order prompt.
  • Send any documents with specific directions for your project (i.e., instructor’s directions, university guidelines, etc.)
  • Send the document in a Microsoft Word document. This is the only format in which I will work. Your document will be edited with the Microsoft Word Track Changes option.
  • Make sure your paper is in good form before you send it. That will help with the editing process.
  • Please do not continue to work on the document as I review. That creates a merging nightmare. You may request review of one chapter at a time while you work on the others.


  • I do NOT guarantee your professor will approve the content of the finished product or that your article will get published.
  • I do NOT guarantee that the information in the document is correct; I proofread/edit what you submit. I do not check your information for accuracy.
  • I do NOT write papers for someone; only proofread/edit/suggest changes.
  • If I detect plagiarism in your paper, I will point it out to you. I will stop working on your document. It is your responsibility to correct plagiarism issues within your paper.
  • NOTE: Although I am an expert in APA formatting, I am not associated with the American Psychological Association.

Additional Information

  •  NOTE: I do not put anyone on the calendar until I have a document ready to be edited. I do not book in advance. I get daily requests, so when I respond to your inquiry, I will let you know if I am available to work within your deadline.
  •  Please ask for explanations for any of the changes I suggest. I will be happy to elaborate/justify my comments/suggestions.


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